Logo Design Process

These are the four steps involved with designing you logo:
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Step 1 - Creative Brief

This is the initial introduction of your company to Logo In A Box. It’s what tells us your company name, what you do, the industry in which you compete, and gives you the chance to tell the us what appeals to you in a logo, such as colour choice, layout and font preferences. Logo In A Box will use this brief as the starting point and inspiration to develop your logo concepts, so be as specific as possible if you have a specific design in mind.

Step 2 - Initial Concepts

Logo In A Box will provide you with several initial concepts for your logo that vary in design, layout and colour. Take your time to review each logo, looking at what you feel works and what does not. Don’t choose an initial concept based on one element alone, such as colour, since these can be easily altered. Instead, look at the overall feel and message you feel the design sends.

Step 3 - Revision Process

Once you have chosen an initial concept, you’ll have an opportunity to request revisions. Many times this includes incorporating elements of two separate logos into one, but it also includes changes in colour, layout, font, and other smaller design tweaks. You may go through one or several rounds of revisions until you end up with a logo you feel represents your business.

Step 4 - Final Files

Once you feel the logo is just right, you’ll be able to approve the final design. Your logo may be made available to you in several file formats, such as .eps, .jpg and .pdf so you can use it in any way you choose, from clothing to business cards to your website.


*Prices are in AUD

$300* $400* $500*
Concepts 3 4 5
Revisions 3 4 5
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